The Dadventures

Adventures in faith and fatherhood

The Dadventures chronicles the adventures of Michael Parks—a dad, husband, and Christ-follower. The Dadventures is all about encouraging and inspiring dads along this journey of fatherhood. You'll find fun ideas, recipes, tips and tricks, and a few #dadfails to remind you that you're not alone!

The Dadventures

Every day is an adventure in the life of a dad! It’s exciting, terrifying, and sometimes you just can’t help but laugh, even when you’re trying to discipline your kid!

I am a husband, dad, and follower of Jesus, and I want to inspire and encourage dads with stories, scripture, and sarcasm. (You can totally inspire people with sarcasm.)

I’ll share stories from my own experience as a husband and dad to three (soon to be four) kids; advice based on Scripture, research, and my own successes and failures; ideas  for everyday #dadventures; and recipes for the novice and the gourmand!